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2019 Notes to Self

January 10, 2019

The first weeks in January sees advice coming at us like a meteor shower, with unfamiliar faces going purple at the gym, predictions for 2019 that TT Norms will be the hot font for 2019 (the best art director I ever worked with deliberately limited himself to 10fonts) to turmeric ice cream as the treat of choice, and whether stoicism or let it all hang out is the way to go. Stop all the distraction and make your own list. Here’s mine. Happy 2019.

VP Creative Development

  1. Read The Lost Art of Reading by David Ulin
  2. Remember that creativity is the artof relevant surprise
  3. Check out Mohawk’s Maker Quarterly cover to cover
  4. Make any new year resolutionsin August
  5. Be as good as you can, and if not, be nice
  6. Read three books on the same subject and become an expert
  7. Don’t just ask “how” but “why” too
  8. Keep the faith. Avoid becoming de-sensitized by all the stuff that’s out there
  9. Work further upstream
  10. Be your own life coach
  11. Listen louder
  12. Read anything by John Muir