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When the world changes fast, you need to…

February 11, 2019

After a city-wide search for an agency to help refresh their brand, Camosun astutely chose Hothouse for the project. We were thrilled, as we had created the previous brand positioning “Change Everything” which was highly regarded by staff, students and stakeholders

Armed with some solid quantitative usage and attitude research, Hothouse created a new revitalized brand positioning that speaks to how Camosun’s culture of innovative and “real world” education prepares students for the job market of today and tomorrow.

At the heart of the agency’s thinking was the belief that against a backdrop of uncertainty and technological acceleration, students would be drawn to Camosun where the needs of a changing world are not only understood but anticipated. Using the metaphor of Camosun as an incubator for people who want to push forward and think faster and contribute to a changing world Hothouse created a positioning line and campaign: “Change Faster”.

Hothouse produced striking creative showing jobs that hadn’t yet been created, being filled by Camosun graduates of the future. Roll-out components included a new brand manual to guide conversion of all internal and onsite communications and a robust launch campaign using out of home, digital behavioral targeting and retargeting, posters and compelling radio spots.

Camosun Poster

Camosun Poster Set

Radio Spots: