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Island Good. Good For Us All.

March 20, 2018

The Island Good brand has arrived in grocery stores. And Hothouse helped grow it.

More than just a “buy local food”, it’s an initiative from the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance to promote products and businesses that have a positive impact on our island’s economy.

Hothouse Marketing was instrumental in getting the project off the ground, with our president, Dan Dagg, chairing the VIEA brand committee and creating the brand and marketing strategy.

Hothouse then developed the creative concept; the “Island Good” name, wordmark, visual identity, and all the POS and advertising launch materials.

“This is a project that makes so much sense on so many levels.” says Dan. “And what’s neat about it is that this sort of thing wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago based on the dependence on traditional forms of media to communicate. Here, we are in essence, creating a brand and giving it to the people of Vancouver Island to grow it”.

George Hanson, VIEA President, adds “It is our belief that more people will purchase products made or grown close to home if they are more aware of these products and can find them more easily in stores. We believe this will lead to increased demand, which can lead to increased potential for export trade and better balance in our Island economy.”

Look for the Island Good logo at Thrifty Foods, Country Grocer, Quality Foods and 49th Parallel Grocery across Vancouver Island.

Island Good logos

Island Good in-store marketing.

Island Good in-store marketing.