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Hothouse adds senior seasoned business and finance professional

February 11, 2019

Cameron Reid has joined Hothouse Marketing as Business Manager and Controller.

Cameron worked with several of us in the past while at Copeland Communications, it was Victoria’s largest agency at the time. He departed to become an actual advertising agency owner.

As a past agency owner, Cameron knows the business inside and out – especially the importance of client focused finance practices. He believes that “too often agencies think it’s all about getting the creative out of the door. What happens afterwards, is my job and can play a big part in sustaining a good client relationship”. On time-sheets he comments, “a no-brainer, they turn everyone’s effort and hard work into revenue and provide accountability and accuracy for our clients. Simple as that.”

Cameron was once described by his 12th grade accounting teacher as “too interesting to be an accountant.”

When he’s not controlling business, he’s a director of the Kaleidoscope Theatre, currently sporting a winter coat of an impressive beard for snow camping expeditions with his two kids and intends to get back into some serious tennis, having swung a mean racquet in tournament tennis in the city some years ago. Game, set, and a rematch.