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Victoria Radio Landscape – Refreshingly Stable

February 11, 2019

I moved back to Victoria in 2016 after having been away for more than a decade. When I turned the radio dial it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket. I found my favourite stations right where I left them. I knew where to find news, traffic and weather. I knew where to find the songs that I could sing along to. I even found some quite recognizable on-air talent. In the midst of change, I found stability in the local radio.

Victoria is, thankfully, still a measured market so media buyers are able to see where the listeners are, break them down by age or any number of other qualifiers, note any trends and changes in the landscape, and use that intel to purchase the best possible airtime for our advertisers. Numeris, Canada’s radio research leader, sends out radio diaries/surveys to the public and reports twice each year on the results. The latest “books” or results are what media buyers use to effectively buy radio.

The latest “book” was released in November and included these interesting insights:

  •  For adults 18+, the Q and CFAX still dominate the coveted morning drive but the Ocean made headway year over year with the return of the popular Robin Farrell in October 2017
  •  Women are best reached with The Ocean, KOOL and KISS
  •  Older adults (50+) are still drawn towards the local news/talk format of CFAX
  •  The Zone’s modern rock selection is popular on the dial during the evening drive

No matter which market you’re in or the most current station rankings, radio is still a wonderfully effective medium at driving excitement and energy around an event or product. It offers fun, promotional environments to deliver your brand message in.

Radio also has tremendous creative potential to build brands and create excitement. It has long been call the “theatre of the mind” using music, voice, and effects to create emotional traction. Here are a few executions from our Mount Washington campaign designed to build brand and promoted special offers:

And a few more brand building spots designed to gain top of mind awareness of the many product and services offered by Monk Office.


– Debbie