The West Coast’s West Coast

Tourism Victoria

Tourism Victoria, in collaboration with the Town of Sidney, Tourism Cowichan, and the Sooke Region Tourism Association, approached Hothouse to create a series of stunning videos to promote the ultimate West Coast road trip: the Pacific Marine Circle Route (PMCR).

The core goal of the project was to drive revenues for tourism businesses connected to the Route by growing both visitor volume and incremental overnight visitor expenditure. The overarching strategy was to leverage opportunities, particularly online, to reach target markets and provide inspirational content and incentives. This included a strong online presence via website and active social media engagement, native editorial content within main markets, and digital advertising. Hothouse created a microsite to showcase stunning videos highlighting the route, that links to all the places visitors can eat, stay and play at each location along the route.

Video concepts for the PMCR followed four different traveler types experiencing aspects of the route that most appeal to them. Each group embarked on an adventure along one of four sections of the PMCR, and interacted with a number of sites, attractions, restaurants and adventures within each section before crossing paths with the group featured in the next video. 

Awards Received:
AVA Digital Awards
PLATINUM for best Digital Marketing Campaign.
GOLD for best short form web video.
GOLD for best web-based microsite.

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